I have been to many concerts, many good, a few outstanding and a few shit shows.

My first concert (apart from seeing The Olsen Brothers live in Ishøj Mall in 1979) was a concert by Danish pop/rock band TV2 around 1984. It was at Hotel Harmonien in Haderslev, and I went there with the youth club I attended at the time (Nuserklubben). What has stayed in my memory since then, is the powerful feeling of the bass in my torso. I was surprised that sound could be a physical feeling of that magnitude. I then began going to whatever pop/rock concerts that was held in my hometown, nearly all of them forgotten.

In 1987 I went to the first metal/punk show of my life, namely Agitare Bene (Germany), Cólera (Brazil) and Migaira (Denmark) in Odense. It was great for once seeing something I actually liked. I then often went to Odense and Esbjerg to concerts of a harder nature. In 1988 I saw Sodom and Whiplash in Copenhagen and in November that year I managed to catch Napalm Death in Roskilde with the classic line-up, (Lee, Bill, Mick and Shane). That was an intense experience. I asked Shane Embury how he managed to get that kind of sounds from his bass, and he answered: “If you wanna grind, you have to have distortion on the bass”. I’ve lived my life by that rule…

Around that time I began playing concerts of my own as bassist in Sardonic Death, my role-model scene show wise, was the bass player in Huey Lewis and the News, who was as unmoving as a rock during the shows (at least the ones I have bothered to view on youtube (not a lot)). I have always been very uncomfortable playing live, mostly because I haven’t had much of a clue about how to play anything well.

In 1992 I moved to Copenhagen, and began attending all sorts of different shows and venues, notable show include Carcass and Death who both did their job to my satisfaction, Suffocation in BarBue where my buddy Heine headbanged a Marshall stack to the ground, Merzbow in Den Anden Opera – intense as fuck, Repulsion in Pumpehuset after waiting 25 years to see them, I was very happy!, Venom in Pumpehuset playing for a crowd of 40 people, kicking dick hard arse, Motorhead all over town, never disappointing, Mercyful Fate at Alexandra(?) back in 1995, very very satanic and evil, Kiss – original line up and in make up in Valby, sunn o))) in Den Grå Hal, which was equal to the Merzbow-gig in intensity, Melt-Banana as a full band at Loppen, and as a duo in Musikcaféen.

I don’t go to many concerts anymore. I tend to get bored. The last few shows I have attended, was Jucifer at Stengade, and The Grindcore Family Weekend IV in Ungdomshuset. Weekend Nachos played a fantastic set that night btw.

Now I listen to records at home instead, they never disappoint, and there are no other people there to disturb the music.


Some videos

Stupid as it may seem, Uddercock has made two videos so far. I am not very fond of noisecore videos, as they are so short, but I’ll give people a chance to discover us. Especoally since we are making our concert debut in Ungdomshuset i Copenhagen at the Grindcore Family Weekend next month.

Uddercock and more


Hello all you noise fiends out there. I am Janus W, and I play noise music. I am a member of Kusari Gama Kill and Uddercock, both bands having the same members, namely me and Martin W.

In this blog, I’ll post my thoughts on things of a sonic nature. That be noise, or music. It is though as a replacement for the Kusari Gama Kill blog, whose function has been replaced by Twitter and Facebook. I still plan to post the occasional K.G.K. or Uddercock- related things here, but my main focus will be thoughts on noise and feeble memories from a man well past the sell-by-date.

A bit on my background: I was born in October 1970 in Southern Jutland, a rural area of Denmark. I grew up in the countryside, my parents were hippies and artists, and much frowned upon by the local farmers.

We had an upright piano, and one of my early memories is of me standing on the bass section of the keyboard, hugging the cabinet, and jumping to make the deep bass notes vibrate through my body. My father put an iron rod under the keyboard, to prevent the piano from falling over.

Later on my brother Rasmus and my friend Kenneth and I had a “band” playing acoustic noisepunk, using a broken guitar, cardboard boxes as drums and large twigs as drum sticks. We made a large amount of “demos”, including the much hated “boring solo demo” releases.One of these demos was my own release Hvid Støj (White Noise) in 1985 a tape containing only static from the radio, with all songs being titled Hvis Støj, and the cover being blank. I made one copy and it’s long dead. I consider re-recording it for my label Noisegrind Bastard Recordings.

Then we began using real instruments, and became Sardonic Death, the first grindcore band in Denmark, releasing the demo Celestial Mindwarp in 1991. Shortly hereafter I moved to the UK for a while, and when I returned to Denmark, I moved to Copenhagen, and studied to become a librarian. At the Royal School of Library and Information Science, I met Martin, and in the early 2000’s we began making noisy music. In 2006 we began Kusari Gama Kill, and in 2007 Uddercock followed.

More memoirs later, as well as musings on noise and grind.

Take care!